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GDP Portals Take The Win at WTF Off-Road Bounty Course - MST Motorsports

Last weekend we went to one of the best mud competitions we’ve ever seen—the WTF Off-Road Bounty Cour$e. The course and competition were dreamed up by Mike LaFour of WTF Off-Road. He designed it to breathe new life into the bounty hole scene and to cause as much carnage as possible.

The course itself has mud, and lots of it, but don’t get the wrong idea—the Bounty Cour$e was designed to make mud machines uncomfortable. With logs, jumps, whoops, rocks, and other suspension wreckers, you had to be able to handle more than just mud.

There were a huge variety of vehicles, suspension setups, and riders, but one thing that we saw on most vehicles was a portal gear lift. It makes sense too—with such a varied and demanding course, you need a kit that can handle it like GDP Portals.

The Winners

Tyler Greve's showing off his 1st and 2nd place trophies in front of his 1st and 2nd place machines.
SuperATV’s own Tyler Greves took 1st in the stock to 34” class and 2nd in the 45” and up class. Some slick driving and bulletproof SuperATV parts made it happen.
Photo by SuperATV

The event had three side-by-side classes, two ATV classes, a ladies’ class, and a mega buggy class. Basically, there was a class for anybody regardless of what vehicle they owned or how much money they put into it—differentiator between each UTV and ATV class was tire size. SuperATV’s own Tyler Greves brought two side-by-sides to the event—one for the stock to 34” class and one for the 45” and up class. The first was a RZR Turbo S decked out with 4” GDP Portals, X300 Axles, SuperATV A-Arms, and 34” RT Warrior Tires, and the second was Mega RZR rolling on 8” GDP Portals, X300 Axles, our 10” lift kit, and 50” tires.

Tyler took 1st in the stock to 34” tire size class by finishing the course in just over 30 seconds—a full 10 seconds faster than the 2nd place finisher, and he did it on 4″ portals. He also took 2nd with Mega RZR in the 45” and up tire size class. Check out his winning run below.

GDP Portals didn’t just help Tyler finish on top—of the nine podium finishes in the side-by-side classes, seven were rolling on GDP.

Total Carnage

The course was not for the faint of heart. It started with a jump into a mud hole, then a hill climb over rocks, followed by another hill climb over logs, then logs laid across the track to create killer whoops that seemed to destroy everything. Then there was an off-camber log section, a jumble of tire stacks to get through, and finally another boulder section before the finish.

The logs on the track totalled dozens of  vehicles.
Logs made fools of many on the Bounty Cour$e. Megan Rion was less than halfway through the course when her suspension buckled on that pile of logs, making her one of dozens of racers who left the track hoisted by a backhoe.
Photo by Triple-X Motorsports

It’s not the longest track in the world—Tyler’s first place run lasted just over 30 seconds—but in that distance, dozens of ATVs and UTVs were chewed up and spit out. Dozens more survived with busted axles, differentials, and more.

The track was designed to take your beefed up machine and take it apart piece by piece without remorse.

What was the one thing we didn’t see failing? GDP Portals.

“You Gotta Have Portals!”

Braden Adams, SuperATV’s How-To Man, made a note: of the 70-odd GDP Portals he saw running the course, no more than two had any issues.

That means more than 280 individual gear boxes had no issues on a course that seemed to total every 3rd machine that ran it. When Braden says “they’re the strongest thing on your machine,” you better believe it.

This RS1 nosedived into the ground breaking axles and tie rods. The GDP portals didn't break.
GDP Portals are built for the carnage wrought by the Bounty Cour$e. Notice how the portals survived this RS1’s nosedive while the rest of the suspension got crunched.
Photo by Triple-X Motorsports

In fact, we think GDP Portals are perfect for this kind of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink riding. They’ve got the quality to survive this stinking course, plus they’ve got the lift and gear reduction options that easily match up with any ride class. Turning those 50” tires out of mud holes and over rocks and logs wouldn’t be possible without a set.

Get Ready for the Next One

Mike LaFour already said he’s gonna do it again: “Without a doubt… you ain’t seen nothing yet!” And we’re stoked for it. We’ve never seen anything like it before and we’re ready for the next one. If you missed the carnage, be sure to give the video below a watch to see why you need a set of GDP Portals on your side-by-side. If they can handle this, they can handle whatever you’re doing.